Symoban Antidiarrheal powder 12gms


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Symoban Antidiarrheal powder 12gms

Best Antidiarrheal powder for all animals

below are the detail about the product Symoban Antidiarrheal powder


For the treatment of acute and chronic diarrhoea and dysentry, scours of calves (white diarrhoea), diarrhoea due to food poisoning, tuberculosis and jhones disease; abdominal pain, fermentation of intestine and dyspepsia. .

  • SHEEP, GOAT, CALVES, CATTLE, BUFFALO, HORSE, DOG, CATLarge animals: Initial Dose: 48 gms; if necessary then half of the initial dose twice daily. Calves, sheep and goats: initial Dose: 12 gms; then half of the initial dose twice daily.
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