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Composition: Each ml contain

  • Levamisole 15mg/ml
  • Oxyclozanide 30mg/ml
  • Cobalt Sulphate 382mg/ml

Description Internal worms are extremely harmful for cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats. They not only reduce their productivity but often become the cause of their death as well. Since the worms are usually found in green fodder, the animals consuming it are largely exposed to their attacks. Research indicates that not only the death rate of even those animals that appear to be healthy greatly declines, but their reproductive capability also increase, if they have been given medicines for preventative purposes. This shows that owing to good health, these animals become less prone to other types of diseases as well. Composition Nilzan Plus contains Levamisole, which eliminates lung, intestinal and stomach worms. Oxyclozanide, on the other hand, kills off all the Larvae of the different types of internal worms, whereas, Cobalt enhances the reproduction capabilities of the animals. Indications:

  • Eliminates all types of lung, intestinal, stomach worms and their Larvae
  • Eliminates mature and immature worms and also effective against tape worms
  • Elimination of liver flukes and hook worms
  • All types of worms including stomach and intestinal worms.


  • Dose rate of Nilzan Plus 1ml/2kg body weight for small and large animals.


  • Avoid from the direct sun light
  • Deworm the animals after every 3 month
  • Don’t exceed recommended dosage,


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