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Each ml contains:

Mepyramine Maleate………………………50 mg

INDICATIONS: Mepyramine is specific antihistaminic substance which has an affinity for the same cell receptors as histamine but doses not elicit the responses of histamine. In appropriate concentrations antagonism to histamine, mepyramine has a marked local anaesthetic action and also reduces capillary permeability. Mepyramine is indicated in the treatment of any condition associated with excessive liberation of histamine, especially is allergic and hypersensitivity reactions.


For shocks, hemorrhagic purpura, urticaria, serum sickness, food poisoning, Anaphylactic shocks, photosensitization etc. 10 – 20 ml, via intramuscular in several sites with 5 – 10 ml for each site of injection. Repeat after 12 – 24 hours.

For acute laminitis anasarca, congestion, myoglobinuria, 20 ml as soon as the first symptom appears. Repeat after 8 – 10 hours and give and give 10-20 ml the day after, as above.

For uveitis, dermatitis dermatitis verrucosa, urticaria, recurrent dermatitis, 10 – 20 ml daily. Treatment should be continued according to the evaluation of the case.

For prevention of the complications of the neurectomies, 10 ml in the morning, 10 ml in the evening and 10 ml the day after the surgery. Repeat the treatment after 4 days.

Pack Size: 50 ml

Dosage Form : Injection

Product.   Mepyramine Maleate

Therapeutic class : Antihistamine

Target Animals : Calves Camels Cattle Cows Equine Goats Horses Sheep

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