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Each ml contains
Oxyclozanide BP Vet. 62.50mg, Oxfendazole BP Vet. 22.65mg, Cobalt Sulphate MS 1.67mg, Sodium Selenite BP Vet. 0.50mg


Punch drench is indicated for the treatment and control of chronic fascioliasis, mature and developing immature gastrointestinal round worms, tape worms, lung worms in cattle, sheep & goat. It is ovicidal against nematodirus eggs. Selenium & cobalt provide additional supplementto improve animal performance.

Dosage and Administration: 

Sheep / Goat: 1ml per 4.5kg body weight.
9kg: 2ml
13.5kg: 3ml
18kg: 4ml
22.5kg: 5ml
27kg: 6ml
31.5kg: 7ml
36kg: 8ml
40.5kg: 9ml
45kg: 10ml
Above 45kg, should be given a further 1ml for each additional 4.5kg.
Cattle: 5ml per 25kg body weight.
100kg: 20ml
150kg: 30ml
200kg: 40ml
250kg: 50ml
300kg: 60ml
350kg: 70ml
Above 350kg, should be given a further 5ml for each additional 25kg.


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