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Oxtra long acting

Below mentioned are the key factors and details about Oxtra long acting.

oxytetracycline imported long acting best for all Aninals most effective all Gram positve & Gram negative bacteria.Dosage and administration

For intramuscular use.
Cattle, sheep and goats: 10 to 15 ml / 100 kg of body weight.
Pigs: 10 ml / 100 kg of body weight.
Broilers: 0.15-0.30 ml / kg of body weight.
Repeat after 3-5 days in cases of severe infections.

Withdrawal period

Cattle and goats: 39 days.
Sheep: 26 days.
Pigs: 16 days.
Broilers: 20 days.
Do not administer to lactating dairy cattle or layers in production of eggs for human consumption.looking for some more medicines for your pet may need browser here .

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