Oxfenda SC

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Composition:Each ml contains

• Oxfendazole 22.65 mg/ml
• Selenium 0.5 mg/ml
• Cobalt Sulphate 1.67 mg/ml)

Animals are at a risk developing internal worms all year round. These worms thrive in green fodder and can even stay alive during the winters. Animals, especially those facing stress, pregnancy, malnutrition and extreme climatic conditions can suffer from internal worms. Younger animals that have a lesser developed immune system are at an increased risk of this disease. Even those animals that appear to be healthy can be suffering from the issue of internal worms. In order to reduce the risk of internal worms, it is important to minimize the population of the larvae of these worms in green fodder especially in the spring and the summer season.

Oxfenda SC is effective against all types of stomach worms in cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats. It can also kill mature and immature stomach round worms, liver worms and tape worms. The usage of Oxfenda SC can also kill off the eggs of round worms. In addition to this, Oxfenda SC can cure the diseases of immature worms and adult round worms in animals.
• Oxfenda SC is effective against both larvae and adult worms in animals of all ages.
• Oxfenda SC is also effective against the Ostertagia and Hamonchus types of larvae in sheep and the Ostertagia and Cooperia types of larvae in buffaloes.
• Oxfenda SC eliminates Moniza and Dictyocaulus types of worms in animals.

• For large and small animals 1ml/5kg body weight

• Increases the production of milk and meat in the animals
• Avoid from the direct sun light
• Deworm the animals after every 3 month
• Don’t exceed recommended dosage,

Packing : 450ml


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