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Effective in the therapy of protozoan diseases of cattle (i.e: Babesiosis or Piroplasmosis of cattle caused by Babesia bovis and / or B. bigemina). For large ruminants, equids and small ruminants. Fa.Try.Banil is effective against trypanosomes (Trypanosoma vivax, T. congolense, T. brucei), piroplasms (Babesia bovis, B. bigemina, B. ovis, B. motasi, B. canis) and other species (Nuttalia equi, Theileria annulata). Diminazene is an antiprotozoal agent effective against Trypanosoma spp. and Babesia spp. The rapid and selective action against parasites develops through an alteration of anaerobic glycolysis and DNA synthesis. Diminazene is also advised in case of resistance to other active ingredients used for therapy of trypanosomiasis (ethidium, homidium, quinapiramine).c


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