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Rabisin Rabies vaccine

below are the detail about the product Rabisin Rabies vaccine.


Brand Name: Rabisin

Manufactured by: Boehringer – Ingelheim (Merial)

Doses form: Injectable

Presentation: 1 ml (Single Dose), 10 ml (Multiple Dose Vial – 10 pricks max)

Ingredients and composition: Inactivated and adjuvanted rabies glycoproteins

Description: Rabies Vaccine. Approved for uses in Dogs, Cats, ovines / Sheep / Goat, Cattle, Buffalo, Horses and Ferrets )

Class / Category: Biologicals

Indication: Prophylactic and Post-exposure Vaccination Against Rabies. Rabisin is used for the active immunization to reduce mortality and clinical signs of rabies infection. Immunity has been demonstrated one month after vaccination and has been shown to persist up to next revaccination dose recommended according to the species and guidelines.

Doses: 1 ml (Irrespective of species/breed or Bodyweight)

Route of administration: Subcutaneous – Dogs, cats, sheep, Goat, ferrets, cattle and buffalo Intramuscular: Horses / Equines

Rabies Vaccination Schedule: (Dogs and Cats)

First Dose: 12 weeks of age

Booster Dose: After 1 Year of primary vaccination, and at intervals up to 3 years as per national or country standard guidelines.

Side Effects / Adverse Reactions: May cause hypersensitivity, vaccinoma or fever in some animals. Always consult your vet if you see any adverse reaction.

Pharmaceutical precautions: Store in a cool place or refrigerator at 2 to 8 degree centigrade temperature.

Onset of Action: Develops Immunity in One month

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