Nilzan Drench

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Composition: Each ml contain

  • Levamisole 15mg/ml
  • Oxyclozanide 30mg/ml

Description Nilzan is extremely effective in fighting against all types of round and internal worms. It is available in a ready to use drench form as well. The two major components of Nilzan suspension include Levamisole and Oxyclozanide. Levamisole is extremely effective against mature and immature nematodes whereas, Oxyclozanide curbs the production of proteins in the different types of worms. Triclabendazole is extremely efficient against the three stages of Fasciola. Nilzan is useful in the treatment of Fascioliasis. Indications: For all types of internal parasites

  • Round worms and tape worms
  • Lung worms and liver flukes


  • For small and large animals dose rate is 1ml/2kg body weight


  • Avoid from the direct sun light
  • Deworm the animals after every 3 month.


  • 250ml and liter packing


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