Each ml contains DL-Acetylmethionine… 200 mg L-carnitine hydrochloride… 61.3 mg (equivalent to L – carnitine 50 mg) Vitamin E …………………………………………… 33 mg (equivalent to 30 mg of alpha tocopherol) Cyanocobalamin… 0.2 mg Excipient qv 1 ml



Metabolase Forte ® is an injectable combination of d,l-acetylmethionine (in the water-soluble acetylated form), Carnitine, α-Tocopherol (Vit. E) and Cyanocobalamin (Vit. B12); four active substances which interact on various metabolic mechanisms involved in the processes of detoxification, transportation and utilization of fatty acids for energy purposes.


Once absorbed, acetylmethionine releases methionine as pure amino acid. Cyanocobalamin bounds itself to specific plasmatic protein and rapidly diffuses through all tissues, particularly the liver, where it is stored; excessive cyanocobalamin is eliminated via the urine.


The passage of l-carnitine from the blood to the tissues takes place via active transport across cell membranes; it concentrates in tissues with high capacity to oxidize fatty acids: cardiac and skeletal muscles and liver. Apart for a minute portion, which is esterified, L-carnitine is not metabolized and is eliminated by renal function in direct proportion with the blood concentration.


Alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) is transported into the blood circulation by beta-lipoprotein to be largely distributed into tissues and stored in the liver, where it is metabolized; the elimination is mostly via the bile and partially via the urine.


METABOLASE FORTE is, therefore, indicated to provide nutritional support and is to be administered in adjunct to standard therapy in animals suffering from a wide range of dysfunctions and defective metabolic states at the level of various organs, such as: the liver, heart, striated muscles, vasal endothelia and immune system.


The active substances are non-toxic and do not create residue problems.


METABOLASE FORTE normalises metabolic equilibrium and leads to a qualitative-quantitative improvement in production.



The high concentration of the active ingredients and the I.M. administration route allow full utilisation of the ingredients introduced, unlike other common intravenous detoxifying solutions, where a large proportion of the active ingredients is rapidly lost with the urine.



Metabolase Forte ® is indicated in cattle, horses, sheep and pigs, for nutritional support and is to be administered as an adjunct to standard therapy in animals suffering from toxic and metabolic disorders, in conditions of reduced hepatic functionality, in animals facing heavy and protracted physical stimulus and for the transition cow or for pregnant ewes, sows and mares.


Alterations in milk quality or quantity

Anorexia, dysorexia

Convalescence, postoperative course

Dietary imbalance and deficiencies

Poor performance

Physical fatigue and debilitation

Stress management

Dosage and Administration:

Cattle, horses and pigs adult: 5 ml per 100 Kg of weight Sheep, piglets, calves and foals: 0.5 to 1 ml per 10 Kg of weight


Please make 1 injection a day and repeat daily for 3-5 days as required.


Administer by the intramuscular route.



Metabolase Forte may occasionally result in allergic reaction, including possible anaphylaxis.






Metabolase Forte is presented in a 100ml bottle.



Store in a cool, dry place and protected from light.

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