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1 ml contains: 2-methyl-2-phenoxy-propionic acid 1



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Liver tonic

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Injection 50 ml


Hepagen contains 2-methyl-2-phenoxy-propionic acid, an activator of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha (PPARalfa). PPARalfa is a nuclear receptor that binds directly to the DNA to up-regulate the expression of several genes involved in fat and energy metabolism. Hepagen increases hepatic capacity for fatty acid oxidation, reduces excessive accumulation of fat in the liver and support liver functions. Hepagen has also a choleretic and colagogue activity which helps treat digestive disorders and fatty liver, where the decreased bile flow and production of toxic bile constituents and free radicals increase inflammation and tissue damage. Hepagen improves reproductive performance thanks to the increased cholesterol availability for hormone synthesis, the superior overall liver function and enhanced energy metabolism. INDICATIONS Hepagen is indicated for animals exhibiting hepatic disorders, gastrointestinal hypofunction and low secretory activity. In particular: Cattle, sheep: pregnancy toxaemia, alimentary toxicosis, rumen impaction, dyspepsia with meteorism, ketosis (acetonemia), as an adjuvant during the treatment of liver fluke disease or during convalescence. Swine: enterotoxemia, hepatic failure, edema, inappetence and constipation, also following delivery or weaning. To improve thermogenesis and lipid catabolism in piglets. Horses: liver disorders due to unbalanced feeding, liver failure due to piroplasmosis and leptospirosis. Dogs: icterus, liver failure, as an adjuvant during the treatment of leptospirosis and distemper.

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