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• An insecticide, trichlorfon is used on golf course turf, home lawns, non-food contact areas of food and meat processing plants, ornamental shrubs and plants, and ornamental and bait fish ponds to control insects such as lepidopteran larvae (caterpillars), white grubs, mole crickets, cattle lice, sod webworms, leaf miners, stink bugs, flies, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, crickets, diving beetle, water scavenger beetle, water boatman backswimmer, water scorpions, giant water bugs and pillbugs. Trichlorfon is also used overseas on cattle as a pour-on treatment.
• Average domestic usage of trichlorfon is about one million pounds active ingredient (a.i.) per year. In terms of pounds a.i., total usage is allocated mainly to lawn care operators (74%) and golf courses (18%). However, on average, less than 2% of all turf sites are treated with trichlorfon. Other sites with small usage include landscaping, institutional turf, turf farms, nursery/greenhouse, livestock and general farm

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