Dayfos Injection 50Ml



Each ml contains 100 mg Toldimphos Sodium



It is a clear, sterile, colorless injectable solution of the Sodium salt of Toldimphos for the support of metabolic activity in animals.



  • Post parturient haemoglobinuria and drop in milk production
  • Milk fever associated with hypophosphatemia and rickets and Osteomalacia
  • Pica including osteophagia,Tetany,Diseases of the liver, Loss of appetite and poor weight gain
  • Lameness, stiff gait and fracture, Repeat breeding and Anestrous
  • Reduced fertility and delayed maturity in females
  • Reduced sex libido, vitality and vigor in males
  • Abortion, Infertility and non – specific Endometritis


  • Cattle, Buffalo and Horses: 15 – 20 ml (Acute), 5 – 10 ml (Chronic)
  • Calves, Sheep and Foal: 3 – 5 ml (Acute), 1.5 – 3 ml (Chronic
  • Dogs and Cats: 2 ml (Acute), 1 ml (Chronic)


  • Storage in dark cool and dry places
  • Keep of out of reach from children


Packing :Bottle of 50ml


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