Caniverm Tablet 0.7 gm buy online in pk


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Active substances:

Fenbendazolum – 150 mg (forte) / 37,5 mg (mite)

Pyranteli embonas – 144 mg (forte) / 36 mg (mite)

Praziquantelum – 50 mg (forte) / 12,5 mg (mite)

  • Excellent effectiveness against roundworms and tapeworms in dogs and cats
  • Suitable as an echinococcosis treatment for international travel (e.g. Ireland, Finland, United Kingdom, etc.)
  • Two variants (forte and mite) facilitate dosing for dogs and cats from a weight of 0.5 kg and from the 3rd week of age
  • Can also be used in pregnancy and lactation


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