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When do I use CaniFiber ?

CANIFIBER TABS supplements the dog’s diet in a targeted manner with L-carnitine and a balanced combination of fibres known for their regulating effect on digestion and their satiating effect.

Particularly suitable

  • obesity (body weight > 20% over average)
  • slightly overweight (slow weight reduction)
  • during periods of little exercise
  • tendency to be overweight in old age

How do I use CaniFiber®?

Giving the correct dosage of CaniFiber® Tabs is very easy. It is fed as a supplement to your dog’s regular diet – no diet change is required. Thanks to their outstanding acceptance,  the Tabs also serve as a satiating reward between meals and thus replace other energy-rich snacks.

For weight loss: Simply feed 5 tablets per 10 kg of body weight over the course of the day as “treats”. The daily dose should not exceed 10% of the dry food intake. Recommended duration of feeding: Until the desired body weight has been reached.

For weight stabilisation or digestive disorders:Simply feed 2-3 tablets per 10 kg of body weight over the course of the day as “treats”. Your dog’s primary food can be supplemented with CaniFiber® on an ongoing basis to stabilise his weight.

What package sizes are available?

Jar 140 g (approx. 60 tabs)
Jar 280 g (approx. 120 tabs)
Jar 520 g (approx. 225 tabs)

What is the precise composition?

Lignocellulose; Carrot fibre; Apple fibre; Orange fibre; Poultry meat meal; Whey powder, Brewers’ yeast, dried; Egg, dried; Poultry liver, dried; Herring meal; psyllium husks; Magnesium stearate, Soybean oil


What are the active ingredients in CaniFiber®?

Dietary fiber

is divided into:

  • Insoluble fibres (e.g. cellulose, hemicellulose) do not contain any usable energy and thus reduce the energy density of the total ration when used as a supplement. They also have a solidifying influence on the contents of the dog’s intestines.
  • Soluble fibres (e.g. pectin, pentosans) are partially metabolised by intestinal bacteria and have a prebiotic effect on the intestinal flora.

By binding water, dietary fibre extends the transit time of the intestinal content and help to alleviate diarrhoea. A high rate of expansion also promotes satiation.


L-carnitine (Supplement: 6,500 mg/kg – corresponds to 75 mg L-carnitine per 10 kg dog’s weight when the recommended dose is given) ensures that high volumes of fatty acids in the metabolism are properly processed and the by-products (ketone bodies) can be disposed of. L-carnitine promotes fat-burning, reduces fatty deposits in tissues and supports cardiac activity.

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