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Biocan LR vaccine

Below mentioned are the key factors and details about the Biocan LR vaccine

Composition – 1 ml:
Virus rabiei inactivated min. 2 IU
Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae inact. min. 1 x 107,0
Leptospira canicola inact. min. 1 x 107,0
Leptospira grippotyphosa inact. min. 1 x 107,0
Algeldrati suspensio
Nutrimentum ad cultivationem
Pharmaceutical form:
Solution for injection

Effect method of Biocan LR vaccine:
After the vaccination the specific antibodies against the antigenic determinants contained in the vaccine are formed. Immunity onset begins 14 days after the immunization and lasts for at least 12 months.

For the leptospirosis component, the revaccination shall be performed within 2 – 4 weeks; full immunity is reached 14 days after the revaccination. For both antigens, the single vaccination should be performed once a year to support immunity. The third dose of the vaccine Biocan L inj. ad us. vet. should be applied 6 months after the first immunization, particularly in dogs being often in open air in the risky endemic regions with high possibility of leptospirosis infection, if there is no possibility to eliminate animal´s contact with water (drinking, bathing).

Indication for the :
For the active immunization of dogs against rabies and leptospira serovars contained in the vaccine.

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