Each ml contains
Benzathine Penicillin G BP 100,000 IU, Procaine Penicillin G USP 150,000 IU, Dihydrostreptomycin Sulphate BP Vet. eq. to Dihydrostreptomycin 200 mg

Sub Category




PpS-LA injection is indicated for prevention and treatment of;
Respiratory Tract Infections: Upper respiratory tract infections, bronchopneumonia, shipping fever.
Urogenital Tract Infections: Pyelonephritis by Corynebacterium renale, endometritis.
Streptococci infections in horses like strangles.
Clostridial Infections like tetanus and anthrax.
Polyarthritis (Navel ill).
Bacterial infections secondary to viral ones.
Post-operative prevention of infections.

Dosage and Administration: 

Administer the following dose by intramuscular injection. Dosage can be repeated after 2-3 days with a professional opinion. Shake well before use.
Cattle / Buffalo / Horse: 5ml per 100kg body weight.
Sheep / Goat: 1ml per 10kg body weight.
Do not administer more than 20ml in cattle, horse and more than 5ml in calves, sheep and goats per injection site.



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